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Day 585

Is it old fashioned or unreasonable to say "Thank You?"

Even though I had a mediocre time on the trip to France with CrazyEx and AnxiousDaughter, and CuteGranddaughter, I still think I took pretty good care of the three of them: I rented and paid for a lovely cottage, rented a nice car and because CrazyEx didn't bring her driver's license and and AnxiousDaughter doesn't drive, I ended up chauffeuring them every day. I also shopping, paid for food, and cooked them some nice meals.

I don't remember hearing a thank you when it was all done. In fact, the only thing I got was a text asking "where are you?" from Anxious Daughter when I didn't return to the train station. Her mother nor her ever expressed any kind of gratitude for what I did for them.

I get home and I offered to let a young woman stay at my house while I was away. All she had to do was water the flowers, take in the mail and keep it clean. I get home and the kitchen is filthy. I text her how upset I am. She cleans it, leaves the house, and was there a "thank you for letting me stay?' You guessed it.

Gratitude is so old school....

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