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Day 39

Issues with god

While I’ve pretty well moved on emotionally from the rollercoaster that was him, one thing is really irking me about the whole thing... the god contingent.

They are very vocal about his survival and recovery... lots of blessings on you and god is good and praise god and on and on...

Look people- your god let him die.
He stopped breathing.
His heart stopped.
He was dead.
The paramedics in the ambulance with their paddles and medicine and cpr brought him back to life.
The doctors and nurses in the hospital with their machines and medicines kept him alive until his body recovered enough to sustain life on its own.

God. Let. Him. Die.


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  • George Smith George Smith
    6 months ago

    I'm not a believer. If I were I would understand it that it is not for God to save us but to make us strong and wise to bear whatever happens to us. He isn't there to protect us from evil or harm, but to give us wisdom and strength to make the right choices. That's why the apple was put in the Garden of Eden. If he had wanted us to be completely safe and good there would have been no temptation. It is the temptation that gives value to goodness, strength and wisdom. It wasn't for him to save your boyfriend. It was up to the doctors. A believer would say God gave them the wherewithal to save him. I don't believe all this, by the way, but I think I understand the reasoning of theologians and I think I get it. God saves, but it up to each of us how he saves, or doesn't and it is entirely a matter of faith. It cannot be reasoned with for again, it is faith that gives value to the belief. If God could be proved faith would not be needed and religion would be meaningless. xx

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