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Day 202

It's been a long time P....

I can't believe how long it's been. We used to chat daily and I feel that I have neglected you terribly. I've often thought of you but never quite got around to making the move.

In the time we have been apart I've been super busy. I have a new job which I'm not sure is working out but we'll see, the new man is lovely makes me feel cared for for the first time, the house is being decorated and the ex husband is long gone. My sister who got married is now expecting her first baby and we're obviously all very excited.

I'm grateful that I'm not in the same place I was this time last year. My head was falling off and my life was chaos despite the days that I would have when I thought I was doing really well. WG will occasionally say hi at work but that's all. I'm not really that bothered if he does or doesn't if I'm honest. He left his GF and immediately started seeing a girl at work. Not the work of a gentleman really.

Anyway, I'm back and hoping to make up for lost time!

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