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Day 657

Job loss, losing the plot and a therapist

James lost his job yesterday. He wasn’t too fussed because they would pay him the next 6 months salary. Today I spoke to him and he said this wasn’t the case. He will have to fight for it. They are dismissing him on grounds of incompetence and negligence. They will sue him for loss of profits if he doesn't accept that he will not be paid for the next 6 months.

Another event yesterday: Ma wept. She hasn’t cried since Dad died, nor many months if not years before that. We went to see a film called Shoplifters, set in Japan. It was interesting, raw, and sad, but I felt that it actually ended on a high note of hope. I asked her what had moved her and she was not able to say. Ma is not able to follow the plot.

Went for a walk with S today. For a therapist she is a bad listener. She loves talking about herself. I find her interesting, but it does amaze me that she is a therapist. Maybe not. Most therapists have big problems which is why they get into therapy in the first place. I like people who talk more than me.

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  • Bettedavis Bettedavis
    3 months ago

    Yes George it can be quite cathartic, just listening sometimes.
    So many worries on a daily basis, that's life unfortunately we all have our cross to bear....Stay happy, strong and keep smiling you are doing a brilliant job xx

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