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Day 746

Journey north for my nephew's wedding

Spoke to Buddy first thing. I decide not to ask him any questions about himself. He tells me anyway which is good because I want to know despite myself. He tells me he is going on a two week very expensive holiday in Vietnam with an old friend. Lucky them. He asks lots of questions about Ma and D.

Then Beloved and I take Ma to stay with James for the next two nights while we celebrate C’s wedding. When I go in to see Ma she says she cannot go. I understand how daunting it is to be in James’ perfect house when she cannot eat without slurping and farts uncontrollably. I do understand and am sorry.

It’s a very long journey there through the rain. It takes us three hours, usually it is two. There have been various crashes along the way. We have a happy hour with James, Circe and S drinking tea before we are off again.

We are staying in the pub opposite Sid’s house. We go in for supper. I haven’t changed into the smart outfit I brought with me as I realise that my jeans are a better fit. The first person I see is C.

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