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Day 527

Joy makes me sad....

My faith, although 99.99% atheist by heart, is and remains Judaism, perhaps because it's all I know, and because worshipping a man hanging from a piece of wood while wearing a diaper just seems ridiculous.

There are many rituals in Judaism that are held in public, and since I'm a regular Shabbat attendee, I witness many b'nei mitzvahs, baby namings, engagements, conversions... you name it, it's all happening in front of my eyes.

So I get to hear lots of speeches: parents extolling their children, and vice versa. There's a speech about a partner, or a parents to be thanked, you name it.... it's all there, happening in front of my eyes.

And while I would never thrown shade on anybody and their simcas, I also know that my turn, in all likelihood, will never come. My children chose not have b'nei mitzvahs, so that will never happen for me. I will never achieve any kind of leadership or do any deed worthy of attention, so that's off the table. Most likely, I'll just stay a back bencher. Nothing achieved, no gratitude to express or accept, except for the fact that, for today at least, I was above ground.

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