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Day 538

Jumpy - cancer update and a date with RecentEx tomorrow

I've been put through two bigass machines in the last 5 days: a bone scan and a CT scan, to see whether the cancer has spread outside my prostate. The doc said it was very, very unlikely it had, given how little the area was, but you don't want to take chances.

Tomorrow I see the doctor who would be doing the treatment, if I decide on radiation. Apparently there's a lot of treatments, including hormones, surgery, lasers and even cryotherapy. So it all depends.

I'm a little jumpy about the whole thing, because a friend of mine had a very bad experience with this radiologist. On the other hand, he's a class A grump, so who knows. I'm a little more cheerful in my demeanor: I made jokes about being a pain in the ass when I got the biopsy, and asked the CT technician if they had a home version of this enormous machine.

I went out with PreviousGirlfriend the weekend before last; it wasn't a real "date," just a night to see some dance and catch up. She ended up asleep on my shoulder going home. She wants to start seeing me again.... so there's that, right?


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  • miranda_b miranda_b
    5 months ago

    I know you’re probably being inundated with unsolicited advise but ask your doc about proton therapy.

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