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Day 75

Keeping On

Court was delayed again. 2 witnesses have yet to be subpoenaed, so they told Honeybun trial would have to be moved again. No new date as of yet.

Sunflower (One of two best friends I've known for 24 years) is back together with her cheating wife who killed her own mistress in an auto "accident" in February. I'm scared for Sunflower's life, but I have to smile at the toxic snake for now.

Work had me so stressed that I ran to the bathroom to calm the panic attack rising from hearing "You need to do better" for the umpteenth time today.

World is spinning from too many thoughts, and I want to vomit, but I've at least planned a nice family dinner for Honeybun's birthday. His mom, stepdad, siblings, their SO's, grandma and grandpa, and (possibly) Uncle will be joining us at an affordable but nice restaurant. I've gotten Honeybun a new beard trimmer since his broke last month.

I had to dip into my vacation savings for it, and I'll probably have to do it again soon. Goodbye idea of a cruise this year. I've worked so hard to make that dream a reality, but oh well.

Life keeps moving on.

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