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Day 48

Kicking Into Gear

Lately I've been trying to kick myself into being more productive at work. My motivation had been shot down to dangerously low levels, and I've had to find the strength to power through it. Somehow I've found the strength to push myself to almost-optimal levels again with minimal distraction. Playing music at a low level helps, but I think also it's that I keep reminding myself what it's all for.

I've been reminding myself to push through because it's not just for me. It's for Honeybun, it's for my parents, and it's for a nice future for whatever kiddos I may bring into the world one day. Somehow, doing it for others is easier than doing it for myself...

...though I still can't wait for our company vacation (Sorry - I mean "offsite meeting") in June. I'm so ready to fly to that beach resort and be pampered for a couple of days. Wishing I could bring Honeybun with me, but it's a "Team building" thing. Oh well...

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