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Day 654

Last salvo

Sunny gave me the double barrels treatment again today. His last day. Thank goodness. Because it was his last day, I asked him of his financial plans. What was he going to do about getting a job in the summer? He will wait until it arrives. Just as he does with his essays. He has one of his four essays due in on Tuesday next week. This week he spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday playing on the X box. On Thursday the internet went down in our house and it will be down until next Tuesday. He can’t do his essay as a result. This is Sunny. I asked if he was concerned. Of course not. I asked what he thought of the student loan costing 6% interest. He was not concerned. Finally he started shouting and swearing. Telling me to stop talking ‘shit’, to stop nagging him. I should get a life instead of trying to control his, me just washing the dishes all day. I should f*ck off. He’d rather get a loan than rely on me. He doesn’t need me.

I told him he could leave now. No, he'll leave at 8.

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