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Day 73

Learning who my friends are

One of the more painful aspects of life after the crash has been my own friendships changing. One in particular. They had been friends for years before I met her but we talked a lot after he and I started talking. She was very supportive of our relationship and was a tremendous source of comfort after the crash.

I reached out to her after his debut and I told her I understood where we are but it still hurt to see the pics of him and my replacement. She had no sympathy. She said I should just unfollow everyone. When I pointed out that would include friends of my own including her, her response was “I guess you know what you have to do then.”

It feels like she was only my friend while I was a source of information about him. Once he came back to life she pulled away. She even waited a couple of months to tell me there were stories going around he started dating someone when he got home. He was cheating on me, she knew it, and she covered for him.

The betrayal of a fake friend just adds on to the pain of everything.

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  • Bettedavis Bettedavis
    12 months ago

    Shallow. You do not need people in your life like that you are better than her , too good for her , surround yourself with nice people it will help you through

  • Otter Otter
    12 months ago

    Oh, girl. I've felt that too. It's hard to recognize someone's face is fake when you're in pain and they're wearing the exact face you need at the time. The comfort feels real, and the pain knocks your breath out when you realize they were just holding you close to sap information and pull strings. You'll rise through this - good riddance to the leeches and ticks. You'll feel drained for a little while (they probably sucked a lot out of you), but with time your spirit will fill again and be stronger without someone there to drain it.

    I am so sorry that you're going through so much pain. Sending positive vibes and an honest hug.

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