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Day 49


Really is a Rollercoaster
The ups the downs, wasted time, wasted breath, wasted energy.
It drains me, my sleep is disturbed , I start to feel tired and lethargic.
Damage done .. I no longer look forward to getting away at Christmas... spoilt
I look around. I question
What is it really about?????
Can everyone not be happy. Get on with each other, be nice to each other, stop these God darn lies .
My Cat makes me smile , makes me happy and at the moment she is the only one I connect with
Lets just get through this bloody life, will it ever be good again, is everything so broken it is unfixable...?
I can ask all the Questions, the answers will never come I know, I have been here before with my sister's family shattered sad so sad
Let death take me what's it all worth anyway.......

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