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Day 335

Light at the end of the tunnel?

Things may be improving. But then again, they may not be, he may just be foxing.
Baby is starting to go down around 8ish. He wakes up if I move, but he is going down. I'm taking my switch with me and when he finishes his feed and goes to sleep I am having a play. It's nice, I haven't had the time to play in so long. Because I'm stuck there with him I may as well enjoy my time. I will work on removing myself once he is well into this routine. Though there may be not much point in that - I will be going to bed at the same time when I am back to work!
He is coming out of his developmental leap and is becoming a delight to be around again. It needed to happen, I was at breaking point on Christmas Eve. It's almost like they know where that ledge is and their behaviour gradually gets worse, just to stop and pull you back as you were about to topple over and fall into the pits of despair and mammy guilt.
Sneaky little babies. They totally know.
(This has been a total ramble. So sorry.)

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