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Day 27

Long distance relationship

I started going out with my girlfriend with only 6 months of university left. After that I was going to do military training for at least a year whilst my girlfriend continued with her studies many hours away. I believed that would dump me at the end of the university year or find someone else when I was away.

I only saw F about 6 times during that year and then for only a day or two at a time. F wrote to me twice a week (the internet hardly existed then) even though I didn't have time to write back very often.
The military training was tough and I ultimately failed. However more importantly I learned to trust F where I hadn't been able to trust E. She never faltered in her love and care for me and didn't try to replace me with someone physically close by when I was away.
I loved her letters, they really kept me going when everything else was going wrong. Slowly I began to realise that F was someone very special, perhaps someone for life.
Then I heard my mother had cancer.

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  • Anonymous Anonymous
    60 months ago

    Awww Aussiemale I hope she recovered from it....I lost my mom to cancer when I was 22 :(

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  • Aussiemale Aussiemale
    60 months ago

    No she didn't, but I will tell that story in the next few posts. I was 22 also. The parallels in our lives are quite extraordinary ycart!

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  • Anonymous Anonymous
    60 months ago

    Aussiemale I'm sorry to hear :( But again amazed at the parallels....

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