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Day 570

Looking forward to an extended vacation....

Two weeks....

That's what I say: two weeks.

Well, nearly two weeks: leave on Saturday night, arrive Sunday morning, entire week, tag on a few more, return Friday. So it's 12 days, not 14. But that's fine.

I'll be in a cottage along the French Coast, north of Paris. Me, my daughter, her mother and my granddaughter. Three bedrooms, "all mod cons."

So I'll drink coffee in the morning, make us some nice breakfast, we can go to the beach, shop, eat us some nice fish and mussels....

and sit in the garden, a bike ride, visit a cute little French town, take extended naps in the afternoon, read, listen to music.....

Out in the countryside.... no trucks, no trains, no sirens, no nothing.....

After all the shit that's been going down for the past 2 weeks, it's all entirely worth it. I return on a Friday, Tuesday I begin radiation therapy for the prostate cancer.

and it will be a brand spankin' new school year, and maybe I'll even find myself a nice girlfriend to hang with (or maybe my Mexican girl will still want to hang with me....)

Lot to look forward to... g'night all!

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