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Day 609

Lost teeth and golden sunshine

Ma has lost 6 of her teeth in her lower jaw. I had no idea. She said they had gone quite a few years ago. Strange. Dad was always so particular about getting himself and her implants, but maybe he just gave up at the end and couldn’t be bothered to think about Ma’s teeth and she felt the same. I asked if she wanted any implants now and she said she managed fine. And so she does. Remarkably.

I made a big pot of root vegetable soup before going off into the golden afternoon to walk with the group near the castle. PB was there which was a happy surprise, even though I struggle to know what to say to him and worry that I’m talking too loudly and people are listening to our inane chatter. But the land and sunshine were glorious and we were happy.

Raced back for the parent teacher meeting for Apple. Everything as expected. Poor grades. Could do better. He is being tutored in Maths, French, English, Biology and I’m about to get him a History tutor. Thank goodness his schooling is 'free'.

Watched Lady in a Van by Alan Bennett with Ma. Very good andtrue.

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