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Day 183

Lotto Win

Oh how I pray for a lotto win, doesn't have to be the jackpot but just enough to buy my own house outright and I'd keep working.

Paying a small fortune each month in rent. I could cry sometimes thinking about it. The landlord is a nice older man but he tries to fix everything himself and he's not exactly Bob the builder. I am not very handy either (well out of the bedroom lol) and there is a few things needing done that he cant fix. I pay fortune and he should get someone else to do it.

My brother has just moved into a new build in a new estate where my cousin also has a place and my other cousin who is married to SLB have a house there too.

I just fear being stuck in the private renting vortex for the rest of my days.

And it pisses me off that my rat of a father is still living in a 4 bedroom house, paid for by taxpayers like me.

In other news I think I have perfected my cunnylingus technique hit 2 home runs on Monday night using it.

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  • Good Night Girl Good Night Girl
    35 months ago

    Me too. Seriously. I honestly believe that winning the lottery is my only hope to live the life I want. Spending my life reading, writing, traveling, and living in a modest house with a good view of the ocean/sea. Not having any job and leisurely contemplating about life and its meaning. And it's like I die of jealousy seeing people live the life I wanted but can never have.
    Just hang in there and pray for our miracle!

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  • Escape from my head Escape from my head
    35 months ago

    I wouldn't mind just winning enough to buy my own nice house and have some left to buy a decent car, a good holiday and other little luxuries. I'd keep on working otherwise i'd end up an alcoholic haha.

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  • Tammie Tammie
    34 months ago

    Oh I wouldn't mind a small win on the lotto either. Enough to buy a brand new car. A house, and a camper van and probably a holiday. But I know if I do have a big enough win to do all of that. I would probably end up sharing the money anyway. Lol

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