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Day 729

Love & Hoarding in the Time of COV-19....

Here in NYC, all we can talk about is corona virus... it's just a constant distraction, and even if you try to go about your daily business, it still seems like it's on a slow hum, somewhere in the background.

Daughter came over and we had a long discussion about the impending threat and what it means. She's not so much worried about being ill, because she's a pretty robust 28 year old. Her worry is that the City will slow down, and there won't be any work for her.

But Daughter is no slouch, and I calmed her by saying that she'll find something, she always does, and to hang in there. I respect her work ethic, and she's not lazy or a spendthrift, so I don't mind supporting her if she needs some bucks to get along.

As for myself? I'm living a normal life: I went out to buy art supplies this morning (for my weeklong retreat a week from tomorrow), rode the subway, went to a postcard writing event, took a ride on my bike, and even shopped at the farmer's market and made myself a nice dinner.

Yeah, we're all doomed, but that shouldn't stop us from living

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  • Otter Otter
    4 weeks ago

    Houston and the surrounding areas have gone into hysteria over the virus too. Every grocery store has been emptied of toilet paper, paper towels, some foods (canned foods, rice, beans, etc), meds, and cleaning supplies. It's really annoying. I don't understand why the hoarders don't just order in bulk online so that us non-panicked people can still get what we need too?

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