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Day 146

Love and Tegus

I called Honeybun yesterday over lunch. I know my emotions have been unpredictable to him. They come at me in waves of sadness/self-loathing. I've been trying to handle them on my own, but it just leaves me feeling isolated and weak. I told him I needed help while this storm passes, and he was quick to catch on - I can't love myself right now, so he would love me extra until I bounce back.

Sure enough, I started getting loving texts. He flirted with me on the phone on my drive home, and as soon as I was in the door I was greeted with a tight hug, many kisses, and a tasty dinner waiting. I was showered with love, and for a while it quieted my negative thoughts. I was very thankful. After we ate, he asked if I wanted to see a new friend he'd made today. I was curious, and so we were off to a shop where he had gotten supplies for his vape earlier. They have a pet tegu that Honeybun has fallen in love with - and it was easy to see that she'd fallen for him too. He wants one now. lol!

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  • RavDiablo RavDiablo
    4 weeks ago

    One of my ex's (who I'm still very close to) is "mother" to a bearded dragon. One of the sexiest photos features a selfie she did of her in a tight shirt and jeans with the animal holding on to the front of her chest....

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  • Otter Otter
    4 weeks ago

    Nice - We have a bearded dragon too! I need to post more pictures of her. They really do love to sit on women's chests - I guess it's kind of like a shelf to them? lol. When she's not clinging to my front, she's on my shoulder or my head. Until she sees Honeybun - then she'll run to him. They're like small, spiky, reptilian dogs. We've been reading that tegus are very similar in temperament, but more intelligent and social. They love to play and snuggle with their owners, and their eyes are much more expressive than I thought a reptile's could be. Not in a position to get one right now though, and I don't think Pita would like a big sister/brother. lol

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