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Day 280


Yesterday evening we got the house to ourselves for close to an hour and managed to do the dorty. We had sex woohoo! Successfully for the second time since before Christmas.

Sigh. Things have been tough, folks.

Last night the fiancee cuddled me tight all night. He just didn't let go. It actually got a bit much by morning - I couldn't move much and I'm a bed wiggler.

Think he felt a bit happier and a bit more loved after some humpy.

Apparently women need to feel loved to consent to sex, and men need sex to feel loved.

Tricky situation, ey?

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  • Lydia Lydia
    45 months ago

    Very tricky, try to give Love more often....x

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  • Tammie Tammie
    45 months ago

    Yes very tricky. X

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