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Day 41


I watched a film
It was a Rom Com.
At the end they kissed it looked so romantic
I thought I remembered that feeling with my first boyfriend when I was 17, we got engaged, he consumed me, we made love everywhere and anywhere it was so exciting
But the relationship turned Sour , he became terribly jealous, he ruined it
I believe things happen for a reason, we broke up , my Parents never felt he was good enough for me
I became 20 had my daughter to another wring Man for me
I then bounced to my Now Husband , oh to be young, Free and Single again..
Would I do it all differently
Are the roads travelled planned
Does fate throw us to where we land
So many questions
So many unanswered
To Dream the Impossible Dream or.......
Am I just expecting too much ????
I know I am the master of my own fate , I am thinking too deep once again

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