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Day 18

Lunch and Investing

Today our CFO took me to lunch at a nice Italian restaurant. She's known that I've been interested in learning how to invest and manage my own personal finances effectively, and has decided to take me under her wing.

Is it silly that I was excited to learn? Is it sillier that I was more excited about the free lunch? Haha!

I brought my notebook with some questions I'd had about managing credit cards, setting budgets, saving for short term goals, long-term dreams, and retirement. She seemed so excited, and her eyes sparkled as she explained to me different ways to start investing (depending on my goals), how to use a credit card responsibly in order to improve my credit and maintain my budgets more effectively, and other money-managing tips. She kept me for an hour and a half (30 minutes longer than my break is supposed to last - but hey, she's the one handling my paycheck. I gave her all the time she wanted. lol).

When we got back, she expressed how proud she was of me for investing so young. I'd never thought someone so high up in our company would be so excited for my future.

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  • RavDiablo RavDiablo
    8 months ago

    I work with people who are much younger than me, and I love helping to shape them as teachers and professionals. It's one of the most gratifying parts of my work. You have a great boss there; I'm sure you'll be loyal to her.

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