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Day 784

Ma's 88th birthday

I had roses on the table and cards (forged for Owl and Sunny) from every member of our family so she had lots to read and feel good about. She was pleased.

We (me, Peachy and Ma. Beloved and Apple were elsewhere) went out for supper. Too often she uses her fingers when eating, and she did tonight. I asked her to use a knife. She wouldn’t. And spilt much of the food on her lap. I cut her food up for her. Eating with her is unpleasant. I note she doesn't wash her hands. The soap in her bathroom is not used. I ask her to but she forgets or can't be bothered.

We went to see the latest film called David Copperfield. I thought it was clever but wouldn’t recommend it. I wasn't emotionally invovled, although it was fun enough and fast. It did follow the book, but was nothing in comparison with it.

For Ma it was an evening of endurance. Tomorrow Teddy and James and their wives come for lunch and she will be happier.

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