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Day 758


I’ve just watched End of the F***king World with Ma. For me it is gripping. Ma finds it interesting, despite herself. It’s not what she would ever have watched with Dad. She finds it disturbing and extraordinary and out of her world entirely. I shouldn’t be watching it with her but if I don’t I will never watch films I want to.

I chatted with N for an hour. A really good talk. We haven’t seen each other for about five years and we got on like we always had. Our edges have been worn away by our similar experiences. We’re older now and maybe we can cope with each other and be a bit kinder. Me especially with her. So it seemed.

I took Ma to a castle and she walked as far as she could. She used to be able to do it relatively easily. Now she can get two thirds of the way round but it was very difficult for her. Her muscles ached. When we got home she was very tired. So tired that when she walked to the loo this evening she fell over. It wasn’t a bad fall but significant.

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