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Day 338

Mamma guilt

I met up with a mamma friend today. She messaged in our WhatsApp group and asked if anyone was available for a meet up. I was the only one who responded.
She is a single mam and is going through an extremely tough patch with her babba at the minute.
She is a super mam in my eyes - she's doing all of it by herself - no partner and no mam in her life to be grandma to her son. I tell her regularly what a stellar job she's going but I can only tell her, I can't make her feel it.

She is her babies absolute world, and he is trying the boundaries and testing the rules. He's driving her insane. She can't up her depression meds any further because she had heart palpitations last time she did. My heart goes out to her as she's trying not to cry as we drink hot chocolate and barricade her son into our sofa corner with the prams so he can't escape. He's an absolute peach, but he is being very trying.

Mamma guilt is such an awful thing, and we all go through it to some extent.

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