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Day 446

Man, that came on fast....

We were out to see Los Lobos on Sunday night. They did a great show, playing a mostly acoustic first set, and then settling in for their trademark electric on the second. During the encore, which started with a roaring "One Way Out" (the Allman Brothers version), my stomach starting knotting up. By the time I got out the door, it was boiling. I don't know how I made it home on the subway, but I dove right into bed and spent a very, very uncomfortable night.

Food poisoning? Stomach flu? Who the f*ck knows.

Monday I was in a stupor most of the day: I shuffled between the bathroom and trying to keep down some liquids, diving back into bed, the radio in the background the entire day.

For some odd reason, I decided I should at least go out for a walk, get some fresh air and maybe stand upright for a while. I thought I would walk to the park (2 blocks away), set awhile and walk back. I barely made it around the block.

Recovery is slow: 2 days later my stomach is still jumpy and I'm putting out lots of juicy farts....

it's a slog, but I'm making it back.

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  • Otter Otter
    7 months ago

    That sounds terrible! I'm sorry you feel so awful. Be sure to keep hydrated, and I hope you feel well again soon.

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