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Day 622


‘I never want to come home again.’ Our arguing is driving the children away. ‘You haven’t said a nice thing to each other since we’ve been back.’ He’s right. I have been shitty.

Last night I was tired. I put it down to that. I was happy when I got home this morning: Apple has a conditional offer into a sixth form college. But still we argued over every small thing: he was using my computer, why can’t he use his own? Then he turned on Owl and told him he should be looking after his own money and travel arrangements. He’s almost 20. We didn’t know where to look for nagging, each other and him.

Beloved’s been tidying his office most of the weekend. I would have liked him to have been with us, I would have liked to have had a nice time as a family. Instead I went up to see Owl as a single mum with Apple. I find it odd. And yet…. He would have hated what we did, and we would have argued. Which is why he didn’t come.

In a nutshell: we are better apart….. sometimes.

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