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Day 9


I have a cyst and the antibiotics to treat said cyst is making me sick as hell. Nausea is never fun, especially when the only real fix is eating/having a full stomach.

Today I have eaten:

2 pieces bread (1 w. Nutella and 1 w. Vegemite)
1 serve pasta and pesto
1 serve "pops" with 1 serve veg

and a can of lemonade of 2 for my tummy

Th doctor saw my leg I think. She didn't mention it but she knows about my history of self harm. I deliberately tried to hide it. It's not like she is going to report it to someone. Might try to get an appointment with the uni psych again.

My new mantra in regards to the crush situation is "I'm not good enough, I'll never be good enough, accept and move on". I'm fairly certain I irritate the hell out of him. It's fine. "accept and move on". I was a little bit less self-hatey yesterday, but it could have been because of the nausea. I can't bare to stand on the scales. I think I've put a kilo on. Once this sickness subsides, I'll go for a bit of a jog. I will have lost fitness!

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