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Day 474

Men, we're all going to have to do this eventually...

.... that is, see a urologist. Yep, whether it's because your kidneys are hurting or your pee just ain't what it once was, or maybe you can't satisfy your lover like you want, but you're going to end up there.

And it's just all fun and games, because if you're a guy, the doctor is going to have to give you a "digital exam," which means he gets to shove his finger up your ass to check your prostate.

But the fun does not end there, no no, it does not end up there at all! Because the science of modern medicine, you'll also have to put a cuff around your penis, as well as some electrodes on your abdomen, and then pee into a funnel... doesn't that sound like fun?

....and besides taking the blood and urine samples, if you're lucky like me and have a little extra sack of fluid in your testicle, you'll also get to lie on a table and have a nurse do a sonogram on your balls. Doesn't that sound great?

Women, I think I know a little about how it feels to see a gynecologist. Not much, but a little.

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