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Day 434

Misgendering ≠ Misogyny

Okay, I'm going to go waaaay off topic here and talk about gender identification and things of that nature. I'm sure all of you are keeping up with the changes regarding language and protocols of people who identify along the spectrum known as gender.

And I've been working on it, because I know it's an issue that I have to deal with to do my profession better and generally live in this modern world. I've attended workshops and I've treated my trans colleagues and students with care and respect.

I've even "put myself out there" in a number of ways - including pointing out gender normed advertising (Etsy, I'm looking right at you!), asked colleagues to stop calling students "boys and girls" or "guys," replacing it with the gender neutral "friends." I include non-gender normed images of children in my materials, and once had an article written about me for using the word "phren" to replace "sir" and "ma'am." Oh, and I've been doing this since 1980s, when I used to change signs on my university campus from the universal "his" to "his/hers."

So imagine my chagrin when I misgendered a trans colleague. Oh, how I incurred her wrath.

Hell To Pay.

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