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Day 58

Missing What is Right in Front of You

I hopped on Facebook and already regret it. Raven is flooding social media with random memes. She's been posting all damn day in intervals of mere minutes. I quite serious when I say she's posted hundreds of times today - not to mention the "sassy/seductive" faces she posts to Snapchat with the caption: "Bored."

She's pretending nothing is wrong. She's completely ignoring her child yet again while their apartment is infested with roaches due to months-old food stuck on every surface and dirty laundry that reeks of shit. I understand a home gets messy when you have a child - I don't even have children, and my apartment looks like a wreck on my bad weeks - but she is home all day. Every day.

The petty side of me wants to reach out with: "Bored? How about you do the damn dishes that have been sitting in your sink for a month? How about you take your precious child for a walk or make lunch together? How about you talk to your husband and fix your marriage after you cheated?"

"Bored." She has time to be bored?

I feel angry and hurt on behalf of Honeybun's family, but I will remain peaceful...

...For now...

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  • SpreadZero SpreadZero
    6 months ago

    People who cheat on their spouse's are usually filled with regret. She's probably insecure and confused on how to put the past behind her. Moving forward takes time. I agree with you; but, if she's an adult she's responsible for her own actions in life.

    Best wishes xo

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