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Day 540

More Hospital Humor...

There's nothing I love more than cracking wise, especially when my life is at stake....

Doc to me: "So, Rav, are you sexually active?"Me to Doc: "Um, well, if I'm lucky tonight, I may be...."

While I'm waiting to get some blood drawn, I check out the cafeteria. I'm going to be coming to the hospital a lot for many years into the future, so I wander in and what do I find?

• Made to order pressed sandwiches

• Fresh pizza made to order
• Barbecued ribs (these did not look that good)
• Fresh salad bar
• Custom made smoothiesI see the guy making the pressed sandwiches.
"Hey, is this really in a hospital?""Yeah," he smiles, "what would you like?"
"Pastrami and Swiss on rye, dark mustard and melt it!"
"You got it, chief!"

Outside the cafeteria a couple of young people have set up a display about sickle cell anemia.
"What's this about?"
"Oh, you can take a quiz and win prizes!"
So I take the quiz and since the information is all on this board in front of me, I score really well. They give me some chocolate bars and a collapsible water bottle.

I don't now about you, but I don't mind a hospital with good food and prizes.....

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