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Day 62

Mother Determined to Be Unhappy

Ever since Honeybun's parents and mine had their falling out a year ago, my mother has changed. She's always unhappy. I understand why she hurts: My dad had almost gotten sucked back into a bad habit he quit 29 years ago, we've had three pets pass on, I moved out, and my dad got a promotion that has him travelling 3-5 days per month. She's alone in a house with two dogs and a parrot all day. I understand that so much has changed.

However, nothing my Dad nor I do makes her happy. If I even mention Honeybun's name, she groans. Every day she makes it a point to tell me she "has nothing to live for" because I moved out. She wants me to move back in with them and live there forever. It's silly - I'm 26. Even Dad can't console her. We both love her dearly and are trying to be patient, and we've even suggested she join a club or activity to get out of the house or visit friends, but she's "too busy."

I miss her smile so much that it feels like I've lost her somehow. My heart stings with every passive-aggressive comment she makes.

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