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Day 51

Moving on...

Do I get a new job, or don't I? A year's work on a level 2 NVQ in sales and I'm tempted - really tempted - to just quit. That's what I do. Quit. Try to lose weight - quit. Try to better myself elsewhere, quit. I quit, quit, quit. I have some sort of self-destruct mechanism inside me, I have to have; a little button that a gremlin reaches out and stabs with a pencil, over and over again - causing nothing but self-doubt and loathing. Okay, so I'm talented in certa-- no I'm not, who am I kidding. No talents, apart from being a werdo. "Confidence is the key. Without it we become nothing." So that's my philosophy, for now. So, I have no confidence - therefore, I am nothing, right? Right. Just not sure what to do in life; I want to - excuse the pun - fly away. To a far, far away place; neverland, that'd be nice. I wish. But for now, I suppose I'll try and keep my head in the clouds - way above the rain and smog; keep it sunny, guys.

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