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Day 714

My brother leaves again

Buddy left for Holland today to see his friend. In the end we got along well enough. He returns to London on Wednesday for two weeks. He’ll be an hour away but he won’t be returning here to see Ma until 22nd September. I understand. He is used to living alone.

Ma feels his loss. Tonight she wouldn’t watch the TV without me so went to bed early. He would sit by her side all day and all evening. So she is sad and lonely. I was with her for an hour, ironing. Then Peachy came back and and I wanted to hear about her Reading Festival experience.

Peachy was looking very pretty and lively. Sadly she’s fallen out with H. Poor H. Peachy says H is depressing to be with, she’s too boring and quiet. I feel sorry for H. Owl agreed but he saw Peachy’s point of view: H is with her too much and pulling her down and Peachy needs to break free. I hope H’s going to be okay.

Yesterday I thought Ma might die. Today she looked a lot better.

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