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Day 735

My brothers

Buddy left today. Now that he is gone I like him much more. In retrospect. We had a good chat this morning. He always appears understanding. He said I needed to get more sleep. Maybe. And I told him to make sure that he puts sun tan cream on every morning when he’s in Bali. We waved good bye happily and fondly. Ma said good bye to him last night. She said she would miss him. He has been by her side constantly these last 10 days. But she is more used to being without him than with him. He is off to his friend in Italy.

James came this afternoon. I thought we might get along at first. Then he said he was just nipping to the loo. After five minutes I wondered if he’d fallen into it. I realised he wasn’t coming back. He was sitting with Ma, who could barely keep her eyes open. I sorted out the bill with the hospital. He is her financier so I had to call him to the telephone to deal with it. While he was on the phone Ma fell properly asleep and we were left together. Not good at all.

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