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Day 459

My celebrity look-alike flame.... inspires another friend to date again....

Young-Friend (he's 25 years younger than me) comes over last night. I tell him about my week with CanCan Gal and he demands to see a photo. I find a selfie that she sent me (featuring a large lizard hanging from her shirt) and he exclaims, "holy shit, she's hot!"

I acknowledge his observation, and he asks, "how old is she?" "53," I state, and he whistles. "Omg, I would sleep with her in a second...." "Well, you're not, but I'm hoping I will...." "She looks like Marissa Tomei," he observes, and after a closer look, I agree. "What's her voice like?" "Kinda deep, like Jane Fonda," I reply. "Who's Jane Fonda?"

Eye rolls. I find a video on YouTube and we look at it together. "Oh, husky voice.... that is soooo sexy!"

He sighs. "Hey, if you can meet a woman like her, then maybe I have to jump back into dating." He's a very handsome Asian man who has an FWB relationship; it's hard for him to pull away.

"I'll help you, but it's not going to be easy," I tell him. "It took me 5 months and lots of mediocre dates to find her."

Dating is hard work.

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