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Day 167

My Desk in the High-Rise

This is my desk at work. It's huge, and some days I use a lot of that space - spreadsheets and lists scattered everywhere. Most of the time though, it looks empty like today, with only the essentials: A notebook to log calls, one for my to-do lists and project notes, a smaller notebook for when I'm walking around, and post-it notes everywhere. The only thing that makes the space feel "mine" is a picture of me and Honeybun, a smaller picture of my parents, a card signed by Honeybun, and a tiny pink pouch that holds things like my chapstick, mini-deodorant, and bandages. The plant is fake, and I kind of hate it, but it adds color.

I need to add more things to make the space feel "mine" and less...beige.

The one thing I love is that I'm the only one who is unseen. As you can see down the hallway on the left, all the offices here are made of glass. However, I'm also the only one without an entire wall that is a window to the outside. I only have a view of beige walls, beige pictures, two fake plants, and glass deal toys. It's Professional. Pristine. Boring.

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  • RavDiablo RavDiablo
    4 weeks ago

    OMG, I'll send you a photo of my desk tomorrow... you won't believe what's on it....

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