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Day 22

My father is just a druggie

The other day I asked a 17 year old what his parents thought about something. "My parent", he curled his lip as he corrected me, "only my mum, my father is just a druggie."

I have been so lucky, a father I love and respect and sons who love and respect me. My heart bleeds for this guy who feels so shamed by what his father has become that he doesn't consider him a parent. He probably hears others talking about what they did with their dads over the weekend, or sees them out together and it must pierce him so deep.

And the father too. I guess when he started with the drugs he couldn't see that they would take away from him the sons that would otherwise have been his greatest joy. How they would divert his money from his family towards his craving, his time from his boys to finding the next fix.

I feel sorry for the mother, who has had to bring up the boys on her own and I know they haven't been easy.

What a waste - I wish there was something I could do to make it all…

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  • Sara Sara
    60 months ago

    Post like yours give me a lot of hope. As long as there are people like you around I know that humanity as a whole will be ok.

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