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Day 613

My first birthday....

Legend (actually, the fact is...) that I was born on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, at around 12 noon. It was Saturday, so also a Shabbat. My father was at synagogue while, my mother was in the hospital giving birth to me. Back then, men didn't help their wives give birth. It was strictly a doctor, a nurse and most likely a pain killer.

That was 60 years ago today, if you follow the lunar calendar, which is only 5780 years old (according to the Yids, at least....)

So this is 60... and on Thursday, I'll turn 60 according to the solar calendar.

Big fuckin' deal.

I'm happy to be 60 - it sounds a lot more important than 59. It allows me to walk around and make excuses like, "I've forgotten your name? Give me a break: I'm 60 years old!"


"Why you picking on me? I'm 60 years old!"

But the truth is that I'm going to remain the sharp tongued wiseass that I've been for as long as I can remember. I have no intention of changing things, and at this point, I have no choice but to "lean in" to all my quirks and faults.

Because that's what 60 looks like!

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