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Day 476

My Funny Valentine.....

The WID I made a plan to spend VD evening together; she fed her lizard, checked on the kids and came over to my place, loaded with VD "cheer.'

I whipped up my favorite dish: Fried shrimp with a chili-garlic sauce, a tour-de-force of Chinese cooking that features whole Szechuan peppercorns that numb the tongue.

We hugged, kissed, ate, drank our "mocktails," and relaxed on the couch; we exchanged small gifts: a handmade card, a "mini bouquet" and our shared "signature scent" from me. She made me bath salts and eucalyptus oil rub (which she demonstrated by rubbing some in my shoulders) as well as her signature granola, all lovely and kind and thoughtful.

And the best was yet to come: she was hiding a silk bra under her blouse, tied with a ribbon of red hearts. I grabbed her by the ass and hauled her on top, and we kissed and rubbed one another's muscles, going deep, deep and deeper.....

And then we repaired to the bedroom, where we made sweet, delicious love until we wore one another out. And to all of you who wonder if it's ever "too late," recall that I'm 59 and she's 53 and we're sexy as hell.

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