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Day 261

My mother's loyalty clearly has no boundaries!

Today was meant to be a little family gathering to celebrate my birthday. Just some rooibos tea, some cakes and some laughter.

All was going well until Emma, an old friend who I no longer speak to because of how she acted (and still acts) after my breakup with psycho sullivan, decided to bring my ex up. Then my mum began to enagge and ask all about him, how he's doing they had a good old natter about him with me sitting right there.

So insensitive. How could they? They both KNOW full well what he did to me. The emotional and mental abuse. He did so much damage to my life, my friends and my family - and they're casually discussing my abuser right in front of me. Not even bothering to lower their voices or go somewhere else to talk. I felt sad enough that I went upstairs to the bathroom to cry.

I cried at my own birthday party. I confronted my mother about it afterwards and she said that even though he abused me, he didn't abuse her, so she's happy to discuss him and if she ever sees him around, she will, "Happily give him a hug".

The ####?

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