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Day 605

My Multiple Journeys....

I was sitting in synagogue today, saying some prayers, spacing out during others. At one point I got a "hot flash" and I started to wonder, "just how much longer can this go on?" and then I reminded myself, "well, it's not forever; around Christmas I go off the meds, and within a month it will be done and I'll return to normal."

So here I am, in this new "place," and I'm moving through it. I can't wish it was done, because wishes don't do much of anything.

So I got to thinking: okay, this is my journey. I know where I'm going, I know when it's going to end, and all I have to do is make the best of it. So I pulled out a pencil and piece of paper and wrote down some things:

• The staff at the oncology radiology unit is so friendly and good natured.

• My doctors are fairly competent, even when they bring me news that I'm not so happy about.

• I've got pretty good insurance, so I'm getting tens of thousands of dollars of medical care for not a lot of money.

Some people make this journey and don't make it back alive.....

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