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Day 108

My significant other, "You never wanna do anything"...

As if things aren't bad enough, now it seems my partner is unsettled by how many weekends I simply want to stay home and relax. I'm depressed and on Bipolar meds that aren't quite adjusted right.

I don't want to go shopping. I don't want to run errands. I hate being around people right now. That whole make friends and be friendly thing is the last thing on my mind right now.

I'm so jaded towards friends and family right now. I've yet to meet anyone in my life worth keeping. All of them have taken or wanted something from me; that's it. There's nothing more to their personality. Stuff. That's all they want; stuff.

A real person. Someone who enjoys doing similar things. I guess I'm tired of doing what everyone else wants to do. But, I'm also tired of doing anything at all.

Seriously depressed.

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