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Day 43

My song

He wrote me a song. He didn’t outright say it was about me when they released it, but he sent me a solo version privately the day before they did and told me he hoped I liked it. He has since confirmed it is mine. He’s made a pretty big deal about it since we split. He says he thinks it’s the prettiest song he’s ever written, that he was pining for me when he did. I haven’t publicly claimed it since that’s not cool, though I wish people knew.

His mom recently posted it and commented that it’s the last song he wrote before the crash and that he would be playing it at his debut performance.

I sent him a text saying that while I doubted the choice had anything to do with anything it still meant a lot to me. He responded that I was obsessing a little to much over a song and I need to lighten up. The next day her post was gone.

When it suited his purposes it was a big deal, when I’m touched he’s playing it and I need to chill. The dude needs to make up his mind.

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