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Day 267

My thoughts today

Twelve reasons for love,
Thirteen reasons why.

Is that a coincidence? Have you watched that series? I tried, but it was incredibly triggering.

I wish I knew where the rest of my life would lead depending on which path I took, that way I would know what to do. Sometimes I'm so confused and conflicted that things are difficult to see clearly, even on a sunny day when my spirits are high.

Today my spirits are not high- I'm not sad, it's just I'm not particularly excited about anything. I'm working on a rainbow roundie blanket, after just finishing a black and blue one. This new one is a lot bigger, I'm laying under it right now. Chippy is snoring by my right.

I wonder what you are doing right now. I'm trying to imagine the tactile sensations of you reading a book, or writing one. Having a shower maybe, the water rushing by your skin through gravity. I don't know why, but when I picture you in my mind, I still see the long, brown ish, black ish, soft locks you once had.

It's crazy how much I liked playing with your hair. It's crazy how little time I had to play with it.


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