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Day 579

My weight

Weighed in in the evening and was a depressing 9.7 stone, precisely one pound less than when I signed up to Lose it! They gave me until 8th November to lose half a stone. I’ve lost one pound. This was way back in August I think. I have been down to 9.4 and up to 9.10 during that time (always in the evening, naked) so I guess I’m just about stuck where I should be naturally. A bit on the chunky side but still okayish. I would definitely like to be slim, but it’s so hard. I’m 9.3 feet high, maybe a bit shorter now that I’m 52 years old. I’m going to stick at it. My new goal date is 20th February which is a goodly time away. So I will report back again on that date.

Just to add, there was a disastrous moment during my battle to bring my weight down: when I was expecting my period and it didn’t come for about two weeks. I was voraciously hungry for no reason and found it almost impossible not to eat. Terrible terrible. That’s when I went up to 9.10. I felt like a walking mouth and tummy.

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  • Bettedavis Bettedavis
    7 months ago

    Ha ha I'm the same
    Struggle daily
    I love my food and eating out is my socialising with friends, family
    We go for meals on a regular basis and who wants to constantly choose the salad option
    I will be thin ( in my coffin) lol xx

  • George Smith George Smith
    7 months ago

    :) hahha!

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  • White Dog White Dog
    7 months ago

    9.3 high!! Bloody Hell George it must be chilly up there! I think I should probably be 9.3 tall for my weight, I might have somewhere near a correct BMI.

    Seriously tho' George, a lot of women lose weight in their 50's and end up looking scrawny, so don't stress too much. x

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  • George Smith George Smith
    7 months ago

    You made me laugh... isn't that funny - I didn't think about the word high! Like a kid!!
    Thank you ... there's not point stressing, is there, it doesn't make any difference. I'm really stuck where I am. :) x

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