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Day 669

My weight

Very big effort to get down to my target weight of 9.5 stone naked at night. Made it to 9.6. I was happy with that. I have been up all the way to 9.11 after all. So this is not bad, although I must aim lower. My next goal is 9.4 on September 2nd.

This morning Ma struggled to get out of bed. She appeared at about 2 in the afternoon. She said she felt far too tired. I had been to see her hourly. She was in pain, haggard, confused, beaten. I let her rest. It is her daily battle. I have found her a psychotherapist. I believe he is the best so far but he cannot see her until the 18th which is frustrating. Even so, I am full of hope. He is Flemish with big ears (important for someone who needs to listen well). He is focused and intelligent asking the most searching questions yet. I believe that Ma will like him: 1) because he is Flemish 2) because he is a man 3) because he is a intelligent

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