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Day 722

My weight

Proud to report that I got my weight down to 9.5 stone last night. My next challenge is 9.3 stone by 1st December. I can do it.

Another good day, largely because Owl came with me and Ma to a castle. Having him there gives me someone to talk to. And he pushed her up the hill in the wheelchair which is not easy.

Tiggy Winkle came for supper. There was a shouting match between Apple and Beloved over supper about Brexit, Apple taking up the Remainer argument simply because he wanted to argue with Beloved. He has always been on the Brexit side. It’s fascinating to watch. Ma is very anxious. Parliament is pitted against the will of the people. Who knows what will happen. Everyone believes with such passion that their way is the right way. There is no room for compromise, although that is what everyone claims they want. For three years this has dominated politics. It needs to be resolved.

I'm not sure if I’m a Brexiter or Remainer. I worry about the economic consequences of leaving. Isn’t it safer to tuck in with the Europeans, especially as China and Russia grow ever more threatening?

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