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Day 616


I’m particular with my time. Everything was ticking perfectly and then Beloved put the car into the garage and said it would take two hours. What we had to do would only take an hour. He spoke to the garage. They’d have the car ready for us in an hour. I was surprised he didn't know the house we had to go to was only 15 minutes away. We've been there many times. Odd. When we arrived he said, ‘Why are we here?’

Following his wrong directions back I stopped and said, ‘I know what’s wrong. You’re old.’ He was furious. Understandably. I’d said it in a way that said he was a dribbling idiot.

He blew up at me, rightly. Said I didn’t love him any more etc. I told him to stop behaving like a child having a tantrum. Of course, oil on fire. Silence. Then contrition. In front of the garage man I nudged his foot with mine and smiled. He smiled back. I reached out my hand which he took and we both squeezed. Tears were in my eyes.

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